Imperfect Offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in-Leonard Cohen

There is no existence for the unreal.There is no non-existance for the real.The truth of both of these is seen by the seers of Reality-Baghavad Gita, Ch.2. Verse 16

I am grateful for the artist, the ones among us struggling to share truths through their image,word, deeds. Sometimes supported, other times scorned, but always lifetimes ahead of the rest of society in understanding and sensing the reality afoot, at hand and, most importantly, what truly lies in our collective hearts. This week we may have awoken to witness a rebirth of a nation with shifting appearances and allegiances but it is still a place that has always contained great heart, sorrows and now reflecting on those who have passed on, a place for artists to continue to perform our most eternal songs.

Godspeed to you, Leonard Cohen, and thank you for sharing your birthday and art with me and anyone who couldn’t help but listen, reflect, and assimilate your music. You showed us how by collecting, sifting, and sharing the pieces of this world– a dark place at times, but also one of imagined glories and giddy heights–reminding us always: that the beauty of Peace behind the Veil of Illusion is always within our reach. We need only know the freedoms that already exist within our hearts and serve them steadfastly to really see the light in everything. We will remember you well.

Friends, also please make a note of some changes to my teaching schedule beginning next week (November 14th):

New evening classes added at Bija Yoga, 1348 9th Avenue, San Francisco
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm-8pm

Tuesday mornings at Irving Street is on hold for the next few months

Friday Free Community Yoga Class is moving to Bija and changing time!
As of November 18th we will meet at Bija Yoga from 1:30pm-2:30pm. It will still be a donation class with a portion of the donations going to the studio for use of the space and the rest to benefit the SF Women’s Community Clinic.

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