You are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in one drop~Rumi

We’re back in San Francisco!

3 months, 3 oceans, 3 families, some practice intensives, a couple of retreats, and at each stop along the way we were simply blessed by those around us.We shared great love, were wonderfully fed, given time to reflect and contemplate the beauty and power of the natural world, and perhaps most significantly, live our days in service to that truth that is expressed within each one of us in its own special way. Nothing forced or strained, a welcome salve to times and places of great intellectualization, stratification, latent aggression and “lust for rush”. I rediscovered that simplicity and authentic strength can be experienced in receiving what is freely given by self and others, in a natural, organic, and unique manner. Then it is easy to respond appropriately without agenda or calculation, and more importantly, without strain. The effect is a gentle yet profound clarity of being and acting at no cost to anyone at all.

Upon further reflection, it appears that the prevailing zero-sum mentality of the times is based on a some kind of error, the one that yoga reminds us is the basis of human suffering. If we do not know our true nature and fail to experience it fully, then it is no wonder that we have difficulty recognizing and accepting the gifts that others have to share with us. It is then precisely during times of great churning that we should do our best to work at establishing and dancing with our own rhythms, living and sharing our special gifts, the ones that keep giving and giving like the ocean itself. Then perhaps we can come to appreciate the blessings that rain upon us daily in the form of all those around us.

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